September 2, 2014


drink vending machines in hokkaido

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September 1, 2014


Jay Electronica talking about the creation of J Dilla's final album, Donuts, on his deathbed.

ok i don’t want to be a jerk here, i like dilla and donuts is really cool and the above is crazy and very much deserving of admiration, buuuut

i am kind of wary of how people have mythologized this, i remember a while ago somebody noted that donuts is one of those public enemy type things, like a rap thing that a lot of otherwise non rap listeners get really vocally into, and it kinda seems like a big part of that is this story, and i feel like that’s….idk, screwy in a way that i can’t quite articulate. i think i feel like it (and also, a lot of stories i’ve seen circulating re:dilla’s dexterity w/r/t like the physical aspect of beatmaking) are kind of selling him and his work by packaging him/it in a way that reads easier to an essentially rockist mentality

idk, maybe this is just the general impulse towards death-mythologizing, and again i don’t mean this as shots fired at anyone in particular, and especially not at dilla himself. i just always get a weird vibe off this stuff

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August 29, 2014
RE: the thing i hate the most about “shake it off”

that “yeeeEaAAOOooOOAAaaaAAAaahhh” when she’s transitioning out of the “my ex-man”/”hella good hair” bit into the chorus; it’s so fucking lazy and cheap and kind of insulting, i think, in that it lets simply BIG stand in for big emotion or w/e as if it’s counting on the audience to not be able to tell the difference, or to be so swept up in its whole thing as to not mind

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August 29, 2014
this piece of moss or bark or something on my step is shaped kinda like a squirrel in silhouette

this piece of moss or bark or something on my step is shaped kinda like a squirrel in silhouette

August 29, 2014
RE: another year

so: 22. geeeuuhhhh. (although, for like a week i thought it was going to be 23, so 22 mercifully rings a little less terrible/pathetic/etc to me now.) not much to say about the year past really? a few very bad months, not so many really brilliant ups but i think an increase in sustained level up-ish passages; a lot of nothing in particular and ultimately no great changes. i want to say i feel like i’m leveling out a bit, like in terms of managing tendencies/habits, focusing, etc, but if i thought about it again in a month or a week or tomorrow i might well feel like i’m as bad as ever, so who knows. my main measure of this is like, when i hit one of those moods/phases where i’m suddenly obsessively interested in a thing, i try to give it a couple days and see if i’m still into it before i order in a dozen books on it, and if i do order in the dozen books on it, i try to stick with it and give it proper focus and not order in a dozen more/a dozen on something else until i’m done with that batch. and i’m doing ok at this. (similar progress w/r/t listening, though i’ve completely fallen off movies for like a month and some.) this often leaves me reading a bunch of stuff about a thing that i’m not sure if i’m that interested in, or (very often) a thing that i’m only interested in reading about (a lot of art and lit stuff, for example) but i feel like the general thinking exercise is probably some good anyway, and i mean, the general aim of all this reading about stuff has never been quite so much to learn what x is/is about/means/etc as to learn by osmosis ways of reading and thinking about, which then could be of broader use—but also, more stuff that i can not come off as a total rube about if it comes up in discussion is always good too. i kinda feel like i should have another wing to this report, like w/r/t my social life and that sort of stuff, but there’s still just not a lot there to talk about really, and sometimes i feel like i’m getting better at coming to terms with that and sometimes i feel really lonely and like that’s just going to keep swelling for the rest of my life, which, barring some unforeseen occurence, will probably be a pretty long time, and etc. anyway, only time will tell, i spose.

i’m (hopefully—applied really late and have kind of an awful track record post-secondary so fingers crossed hard, though i don’t think cbu turns many people down anyway) going back to school this fall. BA, engl major. when mom was haranguing me about doing something with my life (to be fair, i’m living in her house/on her dime so she’s got every right&reason to harangue) she had a few things that she latched onto as things she thought might be good for me and they were basically instrumentation trade/accountant/library sciences and every part of me wants to run at the thought of the first two and the last actually seems like it might be ok, so, i guess that’s the longterm plan. this would entail being stuck here for 3-4 years, which i’m trying to just take a cross-that-bridge-when-i-come-to-it approach to (which will maybe just make the temple of doom-esque horror of it even worse when i get to it??). honestly i am kind of excited at maybe getting back into school for arts stuff?? i mean, i spend a ton of my time reading academic-ish shit anyway and often wish i had something more to do with it, plus this would give me a bit of direction with it, and like maybe i could learn to be better at writing/thinking/whatever. idk. i mean there’s a ton of problems with academia of course and i don’t want to get cheerleady about it or anything, but i really actually enjoy thinking and talking about this kind of shit and this gives me probably the only excuse available to actually do that as kind of my main thing for a couple of years in a (hopefully somewhat, anyway) conducive environment. idk, idk. this enthusiasm will also maybe-probably burn out as soon as (if) i actually get into it.

anyway, hope you all are well; have had good summers and such.

August 28, 2014


Happy 97th Birthday, Jack Kirby.

Your party favor is 170 of his double page spreads

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August 27, 2014

August 24, 2014


So this is incredibly humbling, but I have to do this…

Some of you know me as forbiddensiren, omikse, Crowley, a whole bunch of other names. Currently, I’m attempting to go to school in West Chester, PA, but due to medical bills from an injury I sustained last year, I currently am unable to afford dorming with them, or pay rent anywhere. Earlier this year, I already registered with the shelter in my school’s city, and that’s where I’m going to be living for a good period of time. I’m also unemployed, and not doing great financially as you can imagine. Thankfully, I have food via the school, access to the internet, a few outfits, and I presume I can get showers at the campus’ gym, but that’s about it.

So I’m not going to lie to you and say I’m at the near end, but it really feels intimidating. This is the 3rd time in my life I’ve been homeless, and the worst part of it is that due to personal reasons, I can’t come forward with that information to my loved ones. I recognize that I am not in a realistic position, and that going through with this plan has got to be absolutely batshit. But for at least the immediate future, this isn’t something I can do.

So I’m asking if anyone from tumblr who knows my friends/followers (and right now I’m wishing that I hadn’t deleted my accounts all the time, LMAO) who live in the greater Philly/West Chester/King Of Prussia PA area for assistance. Preferably within range of the 92/104 Bus Routes. Idealistically, I would appreciate a place to stay, but right now I’m willing to settle for somewhere I can keep my clothes safe (I’ve had terrible experiences in shelters, and while I’m not sure what my situation will prove to be, I’d rather not gamble with what few possessions I have left.). Other forms of assistance, depending on what you deem worthwhile, I’m willing to consider.

Obviously I’m not in a case of destitution or nearly as life or death an emergency as some of the people here on tumblr, so I feel a great deal of shame not just because of my pride, but because I’m serving to distract from those who desperately need help. It’s also shit, because I’m a white male and let’s face it, my odds are going to be a lot better than a few. Still, right now I need all of the assistance I can get, and if I’m to persevere these next few months while I try to get myself together.

So, even if you can’t do much to assist, please reblog. Any offers, contact me in the inbox or

And for those few of you who have my personal info via FB. PLEASE do not attempt to contact my family on my behalf. You can inquire with me as to why, but this is a situation where I cannot have the wrong people responding.

August 19, 2014

i went to the used book shop today. there was this cat, and also this rather ill-consideredly titled comic book.

August 18, 2014

not finding this quite as funny as you are, taylor

August 18, 2014
another one for the dream board, maybe actually the entire dream board tbh

another one for the dream board, maybe actually the entire dream board tbh

August 16, 2014
a few years ago i asked a friend of mine who had been(/then went back to) art school what was good in painting these days and she mentioned a couple of names, one of them being alex kanevsky. that weird blockswathfoliage splintered-perspective thing he does has always stuck with me since. a lot of art stuff i find way more interesting to read about than to look at, but i think this would probably be vice versa.

a few years ago i asked a friend of mine who had been(/then went back to) art school what was good in painting these days and she mentioned a couple of names, one of them being alex kanevsky. that weird blockswathfoliage splintered-perspective thing he does has always stuck with me since. a lot of art stuff i find way more interesting to read about than to look at, but i think this would probably be vice versa.

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August 16, 2014

1) yes, yes, there is nothing more yes / 2) does she having a frying pan hanging alongside tools and if so huh

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August 15, 2014   


i really wish i could like something without feeling the pressure to be a nerd about it. it’s so hard to just enjoy, say, a basketball game without fretting over how little i understand about each individual player’s strengths and weaknesses or the type of defense that each team employs. no one who does understand those things ever set out to do it, right? they started where i am, enjoying the spectacle of the whole thing without feeling the need to break it down into different aspects of technique and strategy, except i do feel that need and that gets so in the way of the spectacle that i just end up missing the whole thing, stuck between what i see as two different poles of enjoyment but what experienced fans (i imagine) see as two halves of the same whole. i don’t feel like i’m enjoying it now, but instead that i’m investing in future enjoyment, being bored and confused now so i can be engaged later, even though everyone who actually is engaged would probably scoff at the very idea that of anyone willfully putting time into a casual interest without particularly enjoying it.


yoooooooooooooooo i struggle with this so much also

like, for example, a couple of friends of mine are super into wrestling, and there was a while where they were watching it and talking about it all the time—and to be clear, they weren’t doing it in a snobby keep-out kind of way, it wasn’t like ostentatious argot wank shit, they were having real discussions about it and stuff…and i mean, that’s kinda why it’s fun to hang out with people who are just as into a thing as you are; you can go faster and harder in consumption/discussion than you could if you had to explain and introduce and all that…i’m like this with other people for other stuff, of course. but at the time it just felt like this mass of stuff going over my head, a big blur of jokes and reference points, and i felt really awkward about it, and also like…it seemed really fun!! i would’ve liked to get in on it, but when i try to watch wrestling, even if i get into it i’m kinda uneasy in it; i feel like i’m probably not liking the right parts, like getting dazzled by the cheap flash or something, or slighting the stuff that’s actually good because i don’t understand how it’s good, etc etc etc. and then i flip back and see people who do know their shit talking about it, and it’s all like “oh yeah, he’s doing [x] spots” “he’s solid but that’s basically just an old territories gimmick” etc and i can’t make anything out of it and so on and so forth and also it’s tricky to access just the actual historical documents bc tapes don’t really circulate freely etc, and ultimately i just was like “yeah i can’t do this”

i feel like this with a lot of stuff; rap esp in probably a lot of the same ways as above, also comics kinda similarly, then literature and art and shit in another way. i usually get to that point, where i feel like to learn up to be like, proper Into it (again, i don’t mean this in the like hording factoids nerd police sense, but obviously if y’r to really get a firm footing understanding a thing you need knowledge with some breadth and depth, of it and its context, etc) would just not be possible for me, whether by money or time or resources

i think part of this is that i don’t usually have people who i feel comfortable talking about stuff with?? like usually either i don’t know anyone else who is into whatever or the people i do know are waaaaay more into it and i don’t want to bug them with my entry-level fumblings, and then i don’t want to just put it out there and flagrantly expose myself as a fucking rube to any cooler, smarter people who might be looking

uhhh yeah idk

August 15, 2014

goodbyemisery said: you didn’t mention the tzatziki flavor this entire post and i’m just dying to know how it is

i will try it and report back!! actually, there’s also a calamari&tzatziki flavor of another brand that i’ve been meaning to try, so maybe i’ll double up on those one of these days. although, i have v little experience w/actual tzatziki so idk how equipped i am to call it…

(i wasn’t sure exactly what tzatziki was made of—for some reason i had eggplant in mind??—so i wiki’d it and it sounds good+tangentially;the greek yogurt part reminded me of the grilled avocados i did last week, i looked up a recipe and dude said just grill em with a bit of olive oil and seasoning and suggested sour cream in the pithole, but we didn’t have any sour cream so i used plain greek yogurt and mingled in a bit of sriracha and it was really good, very recommend!! i don’t think i love sriracha in the way a lot of people seem to—remember for a while it seemed like a meme thing?—but it is good and was a novel thing to have around to put on/in stuff for a few weeks. i miss sriracha pickles already :()